Born in NY, raised in Florida & Nigeria

Chinero Nnamani is a fashion brand grown from world travel, vintage styles, colorful fabrics, delighted eyes, vivacious appetites, and the influence and love of African cultures. Celebrating 1950s and 1960s West African silhouettes, Chinero Nnamani is the embodiment of multicultural experiences that exemplify African history, African beauty and the power of self-expression.

Art, Culture & Conscientiousness

Each print is made to be striking on its own, yet complementary enough to create a show stopping designed vintage-inspired garment. My brandʼs palette features stark colors that reflect deeply pigmented and embedded African cultures, creating vibrant and joyful visuals and feelings that like the vintage aesthetic, will last throughout the ages.

Enduring Influences

Africaʼs power and multidimensional cultures have withstood the test of time, growing stronger, not only in African countries, but notable in its profound implantation into the history of other countries, allowing its influence to become ever more global. Chinero Nnamani endeavors to mimic this steadfastness in her fabricʼs durability, color sharpness, and vintage-inspired cuts.

Full Circle

Chinero Nnamani textiles showcase original prints that start with a simple sketch in a moleskin notebook. Inspiration is drawn from the fluid forms and sharp colors of nature, traditional food, Nigerian folk art, masked dance, ancestral drums, Igbo attires, and the shear wealth of African influences and innovations in cultures and textiles throughout the world. From the Caribbean to Native Americans to Latin America to Hip Hop culture, Chinero Nnamani showcases the blend of these enduring influences in her pattern and clothing designs with hopes of illustrating how full circle the history of Africa’s reach has come.

Withstand The Test of Time

Fostered from her Visual Art education and exposure to diverse cultures that share common African themes, Chinero Nnamani creates textile prints that emphasize the fusion of African influences from the colors and shape of the plantain leaf to the tango of Argentina. She focuses on a fabric construction that can withstand the test of time, and utilizes a color sealing system that allows for long-term maintenance of colors and fabric durability.

Celebrate With Us

Chinero Nnamani’s fashion brand is one that focuses on the beauty of celebrations. A celebration of African influences and African prints that inspire everlasting conversations long after the fabric has left the skin. To wear Chinero Nnamani is to walk in the richness of Africa. To Live In Color.

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